On Saturday 28th of September 2013, a small group of people met outside the Hales Exclusive Brethren (HEB) meeting hall at Beckenham in south London. We wrote names of our families and friends still in the Brethren onto pieces of yellow ribbon, and tied the ribbons onto placards and willow hearts. We left some of the ribbons at the meeting hall.

We did this because we wanted to draw attention to a particular practice of the HEB – the practice of Separation. This means that when someone leaves the HEB group (which has recently rebranded as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church or PBCC), they get cut off from all family ties. People can go decades without ever seeing their parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren or grandparents.

Our message to the Brethren is this: We miss our families and would like to have normal relationships with them in the future.

We have plans to repeat this remembrance event and will be posting photos on this website, and twitter account(@tieyellow).  A video of the first event is soon to be released. Anyone who has lost friends or family to the HEB are welcome to join us in raising awareness and remembering their families by tying ribbons near a HEB meeting room, photographing and uploading their photos onto this site, using the image uploader in the left menu. Please name your photo before uploading it, as the photo title will become the ‘post’ title. Please also ‘like’ and ‘tweet’ your post once it’s been approved tagging @tieyellow and using the hashtag #TYR

It is of utmost importance that we reserve Tie a Yellow Ribbon for loving messages ONLY. Anything that is not particularly loving or not about remembering or missing someone that we have lost due to the EB (whether they are dead or alive) should not be used. The ribbons should not be used for publicising other issues…there are many other platforms for that.  The reason for this is that we have been protrayed as bitter and twisted, so the EB will see it in as much as they can in what we post, so the total absence of what could be construed as bitter and twisted needs to be. This beautiful thing could be so easily destroyed by a few thoughtless words.

With love