Upload Images

Please use the simple form below to upload your loved one’s images, or of you placing your ribbons. We will get round to making it live as soon as we can!

    How to do it:

    1. Click the box above and upload your image having named it after the person or persons that make up the subject of the photograph.
    2. Once the upload is complete, please give us 24 hours max to check if your image is legitimate and remove all the spammy images that sell creams and potions and other web horrors.
    3. When you return, your image should be listed on the front page. Click on the image and scroll down and share with as many people as you can. This will a) make the site really popular ans get the message out there, and b) allows for many who may remember your folk to comment and reminisce as the case may be.

    Tip: Try to upload a single image of a person if at all possible. This gives greater coverage and will result in a page of remebrance with a direct link just for that person e.g. www.peebsnet.com/john-hales.

    You can also attach your images (With their names as a subject) of your loved ones to tayribbon@gmail.com and they will be automatically entered into the queue for moderation and posting on the site.

    Thank you so much for your support!